$ whoami

Hello, I am Giovanni Chhatta. My day-to-day job is testing websites for vulnerabilities, as an ethical hacker at Qbit cyber security. I am 20 years old and live in the Netherlands.

I started developing an interest in hacking in late 2014 when Lizard Squad took Xbox Live offline during christmas. While everyone was annoyed about the fact that they couldn’t play their favorite online game, I was rather fascinated by the fact how a couple of smart guys could take down a company such as Microsoft. That fascination turned into curiosity. This is when I started Googling things such as “How to DDoS” and “How to crack Wi-Fi passwords”. In 2016 I went to a school which focuses on IT. That’s where I came in contact with an employee of Qbit (back then the name of the company was Insite Security), which would be my intern supervisor later on. I graduated, and started my full-time job as a hacker.